a Web Design, Online Marketing Solution Provider

Joint-mix is a website design and internet online marketing solution provider for SME to build up cost-effective internet website design and online marketing compaign in Hong Kong.

Joint-mix provides one-stop solution included demain name registry, web hosting service, website design, website maintain, SEO (search engine optionization) consultant service, online marketing consultant, SEM (search engine Marketing) pay-per-click service for SME to make it easy.

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Advantage Highlight

During website design, we consider the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) elements in the web page as below:

  • Sitemap submission : Submit Sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Static URL : Using Static URL in website design. We shall design the website using static URL rather than dynamic URL because static URL is SEO and google friendly.
  • Add Keyword and Description content : We shall add keyword and website description content during website design because it is SEO and google friendly.

google seo website design

Website should be multi-functionable.  We can add the following functions and features in the webste:

website function

CMS - Easy to control, modify and update

  • Manage the content (articles) easily.
  • Monitor website analysis easily. 

website content management system